Borderline Beauty aims to empower and support individuals by creating products inspired by the ideas and needs of their community. We collaborate with our customers to develop new beauty concepts and bring their ideas to life, seeking input and feedback on product development. This interactive approach creates a sense of inclusion and fosters a community that values the mental well-being of its customers.

Our vision is to partner with mental health organizations and actively raise awareness about mental health issues and provide resources and support for individuals struggling with mental health challenges. Step by step, we are integrating mindfulness practices into our products and messaging. By emphasizing self-care and encouraging our customers to take moments of relaxation and mindfulness while using our skincare products.
We believe that self-care goes beyond skincare and promotes a holistic approach to beauty that includes mental health.

We use our platform to share resources, stories, and inspiring messages to create a safe and inclusive space for their community to discuss mental health openly.