About Us


Borderline Beauty is a skincare and Beauty Company, the first in the Middle East to provide clean and cruelty free products to build awareness around Mental Health. The connection between Beauty and Mental Health is the rawness and truism. With this movement, our passion is to remind ourselves and others of our impeccable, unique inner beauty.


To drive significant awareness on Mental Health by offering inclusive top-tier organic beauty products that remind the everyone of their all-rounded beauty.


To be the blueprint for Mental Health awareness and education in the region. To be a trustworthy source for healthy skin products.


Our unshakeable values are; Trust, Community, Luxury, Integrity, Environment-friendly and Healthy.

Meet Ghadi, Founder & CEO

My ambition for building this incredible company stems from my personal story with Beauty and Mental Health. I grew up in a loving home with my 2 sisters and 3 brothers, where we were raised and brought up in the United kingdom. My love for beauty and fashion was part of my journey as a little girl. Over the years my struggles with mental health became part of my reality, and taught me alot about relience. None the less, it took a huge toll in my life, as I still struggle to this day. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in my early 20's, which marked the beginning of my transformative journey through therapy. As an extension of my own journey and struggles, I designed this beautiful brand that aims to stand with the difficulties we face in our lives. The goal of Borderline Beauty is to shine a light on the importance of open discussions around mental health, and embracing the beauty it can bring. We aspire to be a blueprint for mental health awareness and a trusted source for clean and conscious beauty.

All my love,


Thank you for taking on this self-care journey with me. I created this brand as a vessem to express my life with Borderline Personality Disorder.

In life's strange and unexpected ways, it has reached you.

I hope you feel as beautiful as I do in your own skin.

What's in here

☀︎ Transparency of formulations

☀︎ Mineral-based or clean products

☀︎ Recycled packages

What's out there

☀︎ Chemical-found products

☀︎ Lack of integrity about product formulation

☀︎ Harmful for environment

☀︎ No sense of community impact or giveback